Web Applications

This course lays the foundations of Web design and development, practicing them through the implementation of an actual application.
We will learn both server-side and client-side Web technologies and how to build full-stack Web applications and Web services, by using Java servlets, REST Web services, Javascript, CSS3 and HTML5.
Web Applications provides you with the core skills indispensable to build modern Web components, required by companies both in every-day business applications and in the most innovative contexts.

Web Applications is based on cutting-edge methodologies and technologies as well as the most recent teaching methods.

  •   Hands-on experience
  •   Team work
  •   Flipped classroom
  •   Open teaching material
  •   Have fun
  •   Full stack development

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Dennis Dosso

Dennis Dosso
Postdoctoral Researcher

Nicola Ferro

Nicola Ferro
Full Professor