Foundations of Databases

This course lays the foundations of data management and modelling, providing you with the indispensable knowledge needed for storing and searching structured data.
We will learn about conceptual database design, the relational model, and the Structured Query Language (SQL), as well as how to employ them to design and develop database applications in real-world scenarios.
Foundations of Databases provides you with the skills most required by companies when it comes to both every-day operations and to most advanced and challenging business scenarios.

Foundations of Databases is based on cutting-edge methodologies and technologies as well as the most recent teaching methods.

  •   Hands-on experience
  •   Team work
  •   Flipped classroom
  •   Open teaching material
  •   Have fun
  •   Learn relational DBMS

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Nicola Ferro

Nicola Ferro
Full Professor

Stefano Marchesin

Stefano Marchesin
Postdoctoral Researcher